The Great Code

There is enormous evidence to believe, along with Carl Jung, that there is a Great Code which, when followed, leads a person towards personal wholeness, and that this Great Code is, in fact, your two million year old DNA. There are clues to the task of completing that journey to the center, to the place of personal integration, that are far more specific than many people believe.

Though we are discussing the male psyche, the female journey to the Center will also briefly be discussed to define how it is similar to the male journey to the Center, and how both are different, critically different. The four quarters of mythology - the quarters of the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover show the world being quadrated. The Navaho said that there are winds. The Hindus talk of the four faces of god. The early Christians said if you are going to have a complete Gospel, there have to be four gospels. Jung said mythic images are the faces that instincts bring to the world. Human quadrate the world in mythic images. Therefore there must be a four-fold instinctuality.

Jung thought this referred to the four-fold typology of intuition, thinking, sensation, and feeling. Toni Wolff, his lover and teacher, thought it was something else. She thought there were four structural forms of the female psyche, not four functions like Jung thought. Dr. Moore follows this tradition and believes that there are four structural forms to the human psyche, and that they correspond to four energies in the human soul.

The Great Code of the Human Self:
A Structural Analysis

Arrows indicate dialectical tensions which are built into the deep structure of the psyche and which often lead to splitting of the self.

Men and women alike have these four energies and the task of balancing them. In other words, the energies that men and women must learn first to access, then to balance in their individuation, or in their pilgrimage, in their journey to the Center, are the same four energies. But the way that men and women get to the Center is not the same. That is the critical difference in our genetic plumbing that helps us to understand why we are in the mess we are in today on this planet.

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