Dr. Moore's Theory and Discoveries

Dr. Moore's primary area of research, Neo-Jungian Structural Psychoanalysis, is the result of almost three decades of research. Use the links below to examine the theory in more detail.

The Great Code
There is enormous evidence to believe, along with Carl Jung, that there is a Great Code which, when followed, leads a person towards personal wholeness, and that this Great Code is, in fact, your two million year old DNA. Learn more about the Great Code.

Structures of the Self
Depth psychology infers the existence of archetypes in the collective unconscious in part by the startling correspondences between the guiding images of very different cultures. These images surface in myths, in philosophical and theological speculations, in artistic productions, in scientific achievements, and in institutional and societal designs. Discover the mythic images of the King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, and Lover.

The Human Self
There are four foundational archetypes of the mature masculine (as well as the immature masculine). Each of these triangles - King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - since they are interdependent aspects of the single masculine Self, fit together into a pyramidal form. The pyramid as it has appeared throughout the ages can be interpreted as a symbol for the masculine Self. Learn more about the masculine Self.

Male and Female Differences
This is the source of so many divorces and so much inter-gender misunderstanding. Just as the woman at mid-life is powering up into her aggression, her Warrior, a man is discovering the opening of his heart, his Lover. They pass each other in the night, literally pass each other in the night. Discover the differences between males and females.

The Four Initiations
We are the social animal. We are the cultural animal. We are the ape that creates culture. Put us down anywhere and we will create myths and rituals based upon the four foundational powers (King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover). Examine how initiations are created along these instinctual lines.

The Journey to the Center
There is much talk about a habitat for humanity; that it is just a new way to talk about the old idea of finding the Center so there can be a world that is habitable for humans who have found orientation. Explore what the Journey to the Center entails.

Role of the Elder
Elders are disappearing all over our planet. Men that use to carry the eldership of the tribe or community are now alcoholic, in major depression, committing suicide, or on golf courses - or all the above. Learn more about becoming an elder.