The Parsifal Myth: An Archetypal Commentary

The Parsifal Myth: An Archetypal Commentary

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In this unique two DVD set, leading Jungian psychoanalyst Robert Moore leads the viewer through key facets of the male psyche and men’s journey through life. Recorded during a remarkable retelling of the Parsifal myth with Mythodrama founder Richard Olivier, the inspiration behind the Band of Brothers initiative Michael Boyle, and business consultant Robin Alfred, this program makes a unique contribution to the field of male psychology. With inadequately initiated young men becoming an increasingly visible problem on our streets, Dr. Moore’s insights into how mentoring of young men can reshape society are timely. Includes the short film, “New Ways with Blades” and a bonus audio track of the presenters reading The Myth of Parsifal. Recorded at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. Approximately 4 hours in duration.

2 DVDs

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