The Human Self

There are four foundational archetypes of the mature masculine (as well as of the immature masculine). Each of these triangles - King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover - since they are interdependent aspects of the single masculine Self, fit together into a pyramidal form. The pyramid as it has appeared throughout the ages can be interpreted as a symbol for the masculine Self.

The Pyramidal Structure of the
Mature Masculine Self

This idea parallels the "upward" direction of the Ego's individuation from a less integrated (profane) state to a fully integrated (sacred or "divine") state. A man's Ego must ascend the four faces of the stepped pyramid of the masculine Self, thereby overcoming the bipolar Shadow split at the base of each of the faces. The Ego must keep its eye on the capstone of the pyramid, which represents the fullest expression in an individual life of the four archetypes in perfect unity. This ascent of the Ego-consciousness, according to Jung, is always a matter of reconciling opposites and of integrating split psychic materials. As a man's Ego ascends through each of the triangular structures of the archetypes, he becomes more integrated and whole. And he is better and better able to access the archetypes in their fullness at the top of the pyramid.

The Archetypes of the
Immature and Mature Masculine

Lover - Warrior

On the King side, he integrates the Tyrant and the Weakling. On the Warrior face, he integrates the Sadist and the Masochist. On the Magician surface, he integrates the Detached Manipulator and the Denying "Innocent" One. On the Lover side, he integrates the Addicted Lover and the Impotent Lover.

Each of the poles of the split Shadows of the four major archetypes possesses insights and strengths that, when the Ego integrates them, contributes to a consolidated sense of Self. Each of the bipolar opposites, when united, reveals the "transcendent third" of the archetype in its fullness. By overcoming the splitness in the bipolar archetypal Shadows, a man comes to feel inwardly empowered. And in a sense, while he is building internal masculine structure he is also discovering the pyramid of the masculine Self, which has always been with him, at his core.

The Deep Structures of the Human Self

Model of the complete bisexual Archetypal Self in octahedral form
(the double-quaternio).

The Quartet of Books: The King Within, The Warrior Within, The Magician Within, The Lover Within.