The Long Awaited Quartet

The King Within

The Warrior Within - The Lover Within

The Magician Within

Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette

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Originally released in the 1990s in conjunction with King Warrior Magician Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, the Quartet is a series of four books: The King Within, The Warrior Within, The Magician Within, and The Lover Within that examine the individual structures and dynamics of the male soul. Each is an in depth study of the individual male archetypal energies that are the foundation to a mature, authentic, and revitalized masculinity.

The Quartet of books, along with King Warrior Magician Lover, is the culmination of Robert Moore's work on the male psyche. It is examines decades of theoretical and private research conducted in workshops and private practice. Dr. Moore is an internationally recognized Jungian psychoanalyst and professor of psychology, psychoanalysis and spirituality at the Chicago Theological Seminary. Douglas Gillette, M.A., The University of Chicago, M.Div., The Chicago Theological Seminary, is a mythologist, an artist, a counselor in private practice, a leader of men's therapy groups, and a lecturer and facilitator in the men's movement.


"Moore and Gillette organize and examine the male mind... they are handing men concrete images and explicit ways of thinking and being, ways to mature and still remain fully masculine."

Asa Baber, Chicago Sun-Times

"An invaluable [series of books] for any man or woman who is dealing with masculine issues."

John Weir Perry, Jungian analyst

"I believe Moore and Gillette's series will prove historic in its impact on the direction and experience of what it means to be a man."

James Sniechowsky, Founder, Director the Menswork Center,Los Angeles, CA

"An exciting view of masculinity, one rooted not in domination but in creativity and empowerment of the self and others."

New Age Journal

"A bold map for traversing the masculine psyche, marking the pathways and boundaries with archetypal signposts. The authors take on the difficult task of separating man from boy by excavating 'psychological facts' from ancient myths and modern movies."

Michael J. Meade, Mythologist


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The Warrior Within - The Lover Within

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