Recommended by Dr. Moore

Conscience and Jung's Moral Vision:
From Id to Thou

Jung and Spirituality Series

By David W. Robinson, Ph.D.

Available from Paulist Press.

This is the first book to provide a philosophically-grounded, critical and comparative analysis of Jung's moral psychology through an exploration of his theory of conscience. In contrast to simplistic stereotypes, it is demonstrated that moral struggle is at the heart of his psychology.

In this work the problem of postmodernism--the "Why?" finding no answer--is confronted through the psychology of Carl Jung. Too often Jung is stereotyped as an other-worldly, pollyannish mystic, and this book-the first to provide a philosophically-grounded, critical and comparative analysis of Jung's moral psychology-seeks to correct this erroneous portrayal through an exploration of his theory of conscience. The result is a more conflictual, existential, and relational view of Jung's analytical psychology, and a theory of conscience that is neither naive nor nihilistic. To grasp the full import of Jung's thought, the moral sphere and its inner impulse, conscience, must be brought to the fore. And to reclaim the common ground of our morals, the question "Why?" must find plausible and compelling redress. This book, in sum, seeks to do both.

"An important contribution to the new cultural paradigm that is evolving and that must take hold if the human spirit is to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century. David Robinson brings Jungian psychology centrally into the current heated debate about the foundations of a moral sense. This is a service of inestimable value to contemporary thinking about a theme that is absolutely critical to modern and postmodern sensibilities."
-- Murray Stein, former president IAAP

"Conscience and Jung's Moral Visions is unique among Jungian-related literature by making clear Jung's moral values, and, by extension, his social and relational commitments."
-- Robert A. Johnson, DHum, author

"...a work that is at once solidly critical and scholarly, yet readily accessible to the educated reader and filled with illuminating insights into and critiques of Jung's thought and its contemporary significance. The work also provides important corrections of popular stereotypes and misunderstandings of Jungian theory, and pushes the frontiers of Jungian scholarship..."
-- Rodney J. Hunter, PhD., Candler School of theology, Emory University

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David W. Robinson, PhD, is business development director of Marcy Enterprises, and manager of artistic talent for New Reality Records. He continues to study and write on topics of contemporary cultural relevance through the hermeneutic of the psychological sciences. He resides in Columbus, OH.