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Dancing the Four Quarters: Visions of Grassroots Masculine Leadership

From Painful Childhood to Generative Adulthood

King Warrior Magician Lover Complete Audio Set

King Warrior Magician Lover:
Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

Loving the Dragon: Understanding and Living the Ego-Archetypal Self Relationship

Journey to the Center, part 1: Jung and Eliade in Dialogue

Jungian Psychology in Spiritual Direction 1
The Nature and Dynamics of Evil

Journey to the Center, part 2: Jung and Tillich in Dialogue

Jungian Psychology Spiritual Direction 2
Process of Discernment in Recognizing the Marks of Evil

Journey to the Center, part 3: Centering the Self

Jungian Psychology Spiritual Direction 3
Prayer: Antidote & Means of Liberation from Power Evil

Journey to the Center, part 4: Kairos and Cosmos

Jungian Psychology in Spiritual Direction 4
Workshop: Active Imagination

Journey to the Center, complete set

Jungian Psychology and the Bible, part 1: The Strange World of the Bible

Spirituality and Psychology 1
The Gathering Storm: Our Preoccupation with Apocalyptic Fantasies

Jungian Psychology and the Bible, part 2: Biblical Faith and Jungian Psychology

Spirituality and Psychology 2
Global Human Initiation and the Collective Unconscious

Jungian Psychology and the Bible, part 3: Challenges of Living a Spirituality Informed by Jung and

Spirituality and Psychology 3
Facing Apocalypse: Our Personal and Public Spiritual Challenge

Jungian Psychology and the Bible, part 4: Workshop - Exercises in Prayer and Practical Spirituality

Spirituality and Psychology 4
Informal Discussion

Jungian Psychology and the Bible, complete set

Exodus and the Apocalypse, part 1: Understanding Exodus

Exodus and the Apocalypse, part 2: The Far Country - Jungian and Biblical Perspectives on...

Exodus and the Apocalypse, part 3: Apocalypse Now - Jungian & Biblical Reflections on the Great ...

Exodus and the Apocalypse, part 4: Workshop - The Practice of Biblical Spirituality

Exodus and the Apocalypse, complete set

Spirituality and the Life/Mission of the Elder

MKP Eldership in 2012: The Challenge of a New Consciousness in Leaders During & After the Apocalypse

The Ego-Archetypal Self Axis: From Jungian Concept to Ecstatic Communion

Archetypes and Ecstasy: The Quest for Optimal Experience

A Neo-Jungian Mapping of the Psyche: Understanding Inner Geography & Our Challenge of Individuation

Archetype, Compulsion and Complex: A Neo-Jungian Approach to Structural Diagnosis in the Practice of

Structural Psychoanalysis and Integrative Psychotherapy: Introduction to a Neo-Jungian Paradigm

The Rape of the Soul: Jungian Perspectives on the Sexual Abuse of Children

Practicing the Presence of the Other Within: Developing the Ego-Archetypal Self Axis

Jungian Psychology and the Human Future: Stewarding Jung’s Legacy in the 21st Century

The Archetype of Sacrifice and the Regulation of Archetypal Energy

Transforming Fire: Understanding, Accessing, and Regulating Psychic and Spiritual Energy

The Courage to Be Transformed: Insights from Jungian Analysis and the Philosophy of Paul Tillich

The Archetype of Initiation: The Dynamics of Transformation in the Human Psyche

Ego and Archetype: The Genius of Edward Edinger

Archetype, Compulsion and Healing

Georges Dumézil & "The New Comparative Mythology": A Response from Jungian Structural Psychoanalysis

Idealization and Evil: Perspectives from Jungian Psychoanalysis

Angels, Demons and Spirit Possession: New Perspectives on the Collective Unconscious & the Daimonic

The Collective Unconscious and the Shape of Psychopathology: A Perspective from Jungian Structural P

The Great Self Within: Anthropos and Pleroma in Gnostic Myth and Psychological Reality

David the King: A Psychological Perspective

Psychological Development in Men: Integrity and the Achievement of Wholeness

Psychological Development in Men: Forming the Male Self

From Chaos to Cosmos: Creation Myths and the Quest for a Centered Self

Divine Gender: Male Images and Experiences of God

The Darkness of Divine Persecution: Individuation and Psychopathology

The Ego and its Relations with the Unconscious

The Trickster Archetype: Potential and Pathology

Rediscovering the Mature Masculine: Resources from Archetypal Psychology

The Magician Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

The Lover Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

The King Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

The Four Couples Within: The Structure of the Self and the Dynamics of Relationship

Jungian Psychology and Human Spirituality: Liberation from Tribalism in Religious Life

The Psychology of Satan: Encountering the Dark Side of the Self

The Warrior Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

Masculine Power: Archetypal Potential and Planetary Challenge

Archetypal Images of the Magician and the Lover

Archetypal Images of the King and the Warrior

The Enemy Within: Narcissism and Human Evil

Jihad: The Archetype of Spiritual Warfare

Rediscovering Masculine Potentials

Healing the Masculine

Portraits of Crisis: Experience and Theory

Ritual, Initiation, and Contemporary Religion

The Meaning of Sacred Space in Transformation

Coping with Grandiosity in Our Lives:
The Deity and the Dragon Inside Us


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