MKP Eldership in 2012 <em>and </em><br>Spirituality and the Life/Mission of the Elder

MKP Eldership in 2012 and
Spirituality and the Life/Mission of the Elder

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Whether you are aware of the increasing buzz about global catastrophe/transformation related to 2012 and Mayan prophecies or not, it is clear that the world has already entered a frightening “transition state” globally and that the old vessels are not holding in the face of such an earthquake of change.  If we are awake as MKP leaders we must engage the task of understanding what is happening and asking serious questions about our role and the mission of the global MKP community in fielding creative responses.  In MKP Eldership in 2012 the keynote address of the 2011 USA Gathering of Elders at the Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center outside of Indianola, Iowa, Robert Moore reflects on some of the dynamics underlying this crisis/opportunity and on the role of Communities of Initiation and Generativity in birthing a new personal, social and spiritual ethos for the next decade and beyond.

In the second session of the Gathering, Spirituality and the Life/Mission of the Elder, Dr. Moore presents the issue of the central/foundational role of the deep study and living practice of spiritual wisdom in the life and mission of the elder.  Without this life after 55 and the aging process becomes a fertile incubator for resignation, depression, despair, and increasing narcissism.

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