The King Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

The King Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

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One of the four archetypes of the mature male psyche described by Robert Moore—King, Warrior, Magician and Lover—the King is the central archetype in the masculine psyche. Without dis-identification from this archetype—and without a dynamic connection to it—a man will be immobilized by grandiosity, lost in depression, and bereft of a sense of meaning, just order, and connection with the creative springs of the psyche. The mature King is able to empower others as well as himself.

Robert Moore’s course covers the following topics:
•    The Sacred King in Myth, Folklore and Religion
•    The Role of the King in Masculine Selfhood
•    Psychopathology and the King
•    Healing the King: Resources from Analysis, Ritual and Human Spirituality

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