The Lover Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

The Lover Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

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The Lover is the archetype men find most difficult to access without experiencing frightening emotional states. The Lover encourages an unbounded connectedness to life through powerful feelings, but if a man's Lover is poorly developed, he may find himself alternately promiscuous and isolated, emotionally vulnerable and interpersonally exploitative, impulsive and addictive, yet afraid of his passion. Accessing Lover energy properly, a man feels enthusiastic and compassionate about his work and relationships. Celebrating the beauty of nature and the physical world, the mature Lover becomes a guardian of the Earth.

Robert Moore’s course covers the following topics:
•    The Lover in Myth, Folklore and Religion
•    The Role of the Lover in Masculine Selfhood
•    Psychopathology and the Boy Lover
•    Healing the Lover: Resources from Analysis, Ritual and Human Spirituality

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